Yes, this is still going on (and on and on).

Mediation failed and now the union and the administration go to “fact finding,” which means a neutral fact finder is appointed to review the proposals of both sides and determine the “facts.” If the fact finder cannot push the two sides into a compromise, she issues a public written report that the Board of Trustees may use to force a settlement — if it gets to that point, the union will need YOUR help to lobby our Board of Trustees. The union is pleased that we were able to get Ms. Bonnie Prouty Castrey as fact finder; in our previous experience, she is not afraid to stand up to the administration when she thinks they are in the wrong. The fact finding hearing is set for the 19th of April. Your negotiations team is preparing a “book” on the 10 issues separating the union and the administration.

One “issue” is the salary increase of 4.56%. The administration continues to hold this increase hostage, trying to get the union to agree to give up completely on the issue of reemployment rights. The union has responded with a resounding NO, we will not completely bargain away reemployment rights! More than once the union has proposed implementing the raise, since both sides agree, and continuing to bargain the other issues. The administration has refused.

On the “issue” of reemployment rights (and the new state law), the administration continues to include in their proposal the words, “The District shall retain all customary and usual powers, functions and authority with respect to the employment, retention and termination of temporary faculty members to the full extent of the law, any provisions of this Agreement notwithstanding.” And the law to which they refer says part time faculty can be fired at any time for any reason (“at will” employment). Thus the administration feels the new law is meaningless. Your union does not think so! Neither does Assembymember Jose Medina who stated in a letter that the new law “will provide similar rights and protections to part time faculty that are afforded to full time faculty at California’s Community Colleges.”

Your union continues to fight for you!