2017-18 Negotiations Odyssey Continues:

District still refuses to consider re-employment rights and continues to ignore new state law.
Your union’s negotiating team first met with the administration on February 3, 2017, to begin negotiations on a successor agreement to our contract. At first, negotiations were difficult but progressing: after 15 sessions, the union had accepted the district’s offer of a 4.56% across the board salary increase, had finally convinced human resources to institute an automatic step increase for part-time faculty (previously one had to apply), and had, in principle, agreed to pay for some professional development activities. Other union goals had to be curtailed or delayed. Then came the discussion of the new state law giving part-time faculty some re-employment rights based on seniority for assignments, dependent on positive evaluations, and requiring the district to negotiate “policies for termination,” also based on positive evaluations. Here the district balked, refusing completely to consider any system, arguing that part-time faculty’s reemployment rights are contained within the following (from 6.3.5 of the contract): “It is understood that although a Unit Member may meet the requirements as provided in section 6.2 (basically preferred consideration) of this article, this does not create any guarantee, right, or entitlement of the Unit Member to assignment or employment and nothing in this Agreement shall be construed as creating any obligation of the District to employ, renew the employment of, retain, or continue the employment of any Unit Member. . .” Your union refused to accept this.

We went to impasse, with the state sending a mediator to help resolve the conflict. He failed. Christmas came and went. Next step, in spring, the state appointed a fact finder, who, in April convened a 14-hour ONE-DAY session in which each side argued its positions for her. She has yet to issue her written report, but it should come soon.

YOUR 4.56% RAISE FROM LAST YEAR? The district has refused to implement the parts of the contract upon which we all agree. This means the raise from last year is STILL BEING HELD HOSTAGE! If you taught an average load last year, this means the district is holding approximately $500 of your money.

How to shake it loose? Once the fact finder’s report is received (and acted upon by the district Board of Trustees), the union is free to engage in various job actions, trying to force the district to comply with state law on re-employment rights and to pay you the raise that full timers and classified employees have already gotten. Please be sure the union has your current email address so we can contact you. Email us at union@adfacunited.org. Meanwhile, start exercising those picket sign waving muscles!!! Also note the District Board of Trustees recently approved a $3,000 per year increase in salary for top administrators.