Success! We have a tentative agreement

Dear Adjuncts,

SUCCESS! It was a long and grueling battle, but we did it! We finally have a tentative agreement with the district and are sending out ballots now for all members to vote on its acceptance (ballots must be returned by Feb. 11). Among other things we got a 7.56% on-schedule raise that begins July 1, 2019, a $1,000 one-time bonus and, very importantly, automatic step increases! Please read all the details in the upcoming AdFacts newsletter or go to the website to read the entire TA.

Also, we have a commitment from the district to negotiate the new state law mandating a rehire policy. Central to getting this TA was persuading the district to separate from the contract negotiations over the rehire law. They basically wanted us to drop our insistence that it be negotiated, but that was something we refused to sign. I want to thank our members who were overwhelmingly supportive of this position. Every single person I talked to was adamant that we not give in to this kind of extortion. So, as soon as the contract is ratified by you, we will schedule negotiations on a rehire policy.

I cannot overemphasize how crucial it was to have member support of our position.  It was a dramatic demonstration of what can be accomplished when we stick together and speak with one clear voice to the powers-that-be. And now we urgently need your continued support and participation in arriving at an honest and fair policy for adjunct rehire rights. We will keep everyone updated on the progress and likely be asking our members to write to our Trustees and come to a Board of Trustee meeting so our voices can be heard. Together we can do this!

In Solidarity,

Kent Stevenson

President, Adjunct Faculty United