AdFac helps fight food insecurity with donations to our Colleges’ Food Banks
As Fullerton and Cypress College students juggle life, work and school activities, they still are making a contribution to the community.
Last Fall, Fullerton College’s Business Management Department helped facilitate a student-managed food drive. In support of the College Food Bank’s mission to foster a healthy college community, business students donated 350+ pounds of dry and canned goods in just 10 days. The mission of the FC Chris Lamm & Toni DuBois-Walker Memorial Food Bank is to foster a healthy college community by providing food to students and their families who are in need. They hope to alleviate hunger and provide access to quality and nutritious food.
A similar mission is a priority at Cypress College, as well.
Check out both food banks:
Fullerton College: Building 1955, 321 E. Chapman Ave., Open Tuesdays 12-2 pm and 4-6 pm. and visit the food bank on Facebook.
Cypress College: Student Activities Office, 9200 Valley View St., Open Mondays & Thursdays 6am-8pm; Tuesdays & Wednesdays 8am-7pm; Fridays 8am-4pm. & visit Facebook.
To support the Food Banks, donate non-perishable, sealed food items with clear expirations printed on the label. Most needed items: canned goods, peanut butter, pasta, cereal, granola bars.