As the semester or trimester winds down, your union reminds all adjunct faculty to contact the Employment Development Department of the State of California  at 800/300-5616 as soon as you have administered your last final exam.

Tell them you have been laid off (unfortunately, you have, EVEN if your name is in the printed Fall class schedule since “your” class might not fill or a full-time faculty might take it to fill their basic load).

Tell the caseworker you want to apply for unemployment compensation. If you are not otherwise working, you should be able to draw checks every week until the semester/trimester begins. The caseworker will need the name and address of your employer/college district and may ask you, when you mention you are a teacher, if you have “reasonable assurance of continued employment.”  The answer is NO. (Full-time teachers do, but part-time faculty do NOT.) And you are not “on recess” (for K-12 teachers only).

If necessary, mention the CERVISI decision (a community college part-time teacher who was denied unemployment, appealed and won). The decision is codified in EDD Field Directive 89-55UI (in case they give you a really hard time!) Of course, if the caseworker you initially talk to is obstreperous, you can always hang up, call back and start the process all over again with someone who is more knowledgeable.

Or apply online at