2017-2019 Executive Board

Kent Stevenson


I served as Interim Treasurer from 2012 to 2013 and then was elected President in 2014. If reelected President, I will continue to work toward parity with full-time instructors, especially regarding salary increases, adding more steps, and advocating for paid office hours. I hold an MA in English from CSU, Fullerton, and have taught English at Fullerton College since 2009.

Judi McDuff

Executive Director

Judi was elected Executive Director in January, 2008, and is the only executive director of a part-time only local in California. Judi is a former part-timer in the NOCCCD who taught beginning computer classes. She also served as Editor of the SCE Class Schedule for 9 years. In 2000, Judi began working for the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) in the Fullerton College Organizing Project office where she helped organize Adjunct Faculty United. She was a professional Staff Person from 2006-2008, and served six years on the negotiations team. Judi holds a California community college teaching credential and a Masters degree in Journalism from Penn State University.

Pete Christenson


I became AdFac’s COPE chair in 2010. I ask lots of questions and am really interested in the issues part-timers face in the current economic climate. I taught at Cypress and Golden West Colleges in the early ’80s and I have been teaching mathematics at Cypress College since 2002. I have served as a treasurer for two non-profit organizations in the past. I believe in our union and think my financial background makes me a viable candidate for Treasurer.

Tonya Cobb

VP Cypress

I graduated from CSU, Dominguez Hills, with a master’s in English. I’ve been an educator for 20 years. Nearly all of my career has been spent in adult education where I train and mentor teachers, implement new programs, and coordinate accreditation processes. I’m keenly aware of the successes and challenges that contingent faculty face. I am a longstanding member of that district’s union and have also been a site rep. I also taught at CSU, Fullerton. I’m headed into my fifth year of teaching credit ESL at Cypress College. I also serve as one of three adjuncts on the Cypress College Academic Senate. We continue to reach out to adjuncts to represent them and affect positive change for students.

John Orr

VP Fullerton

I have been a union member since 1973, first with CTA but since retiring from the full-time English staff Fullerton College, I have been an AdFac member. After 11 years teaching at Walnut High School, I began work at
Fullerton College, where I coordinated the end-of-semester Proficiency Testing program and served as Department Coordinator. For six years, I joined the NOCCCD administrative staff as Director of the Academic Support
Center. Our union is crucial to obtaining and preserving equitable pay, workplace protections, and working conditions for all adjunct staff.

Manjit Grewal

VP School of Continuing Education

I have been an adjunct instructor in the high school lab in SCE since 2000. I served on the SCE Academic Senate for two years. I have a Ph.D. in biological sciences from India, where I taught for four years. As a freeway flyer for 10-12 years, I taught at Chapman University, Santa Ana, and many more community colleges. Life was tough and I had no time to pursue my own interests. As Vice President of adjuncts in SCE, I fought and will continue to fight for our rights. I am on the Negotiations team and have gained much experience that can be used to settle salary and step increase issues. There’s lots more to do so that we are treated like full-time instructors. Please consider reelecting me for the position of VP representing the adjunct instructors in the School of Continuing Education.

Miriam Henan


Miriam Henan received her BA in Interpersonal Communication and a BS in Business Marketing from California State University, Long Beach. She then earned an MA in Organizational Communication from Abilene Christian University in Texas. Miriam recently obtained an MS in Gerontology from CSULB and is using the knowledge she acquired to instruct in the Older Adult Program through the School of Continuing Education. Miriam is a Gerontologist and advocates for older adults in all capacities. She believes people of all ages should have equal rights.

Justin Richardson

Cope Chair

Justin Richardson is an adjunct faculty member in Fullerton College’s Business and CIS Department. He has been teaching at the community college level since 2014 with a focus on business courses rooted in new media marketing and internet-driven technology. Justin has spent over a decade in the real estate finance and business banking industries. He served as Vice President of the Corporate Banking Group at California Bank & Trust, and is now CFO/President of his own firm. Before starting his own business, he served as AdFac’s Treasurer.

Denny Konshak

Greivance / Negotiations Consultant

Denny taught English at Fullerton College. He is retired, having previously taught at Yakima Valley College in Washington State, University of Hawaii, Maui, and Seattle University. Always happy to discuss foreign films, Denny has also taught (and published on) classic Japanese cinema and taught Latin American cinema, having done research in Brazil with a Fullbright fellowship. Denny was part of the union’s Negotiation team during the entire 15-month creation of AdFac’s first contract.

Chief Negotiator (position open)

Chief Negotiator

Position is open.

Frank R. Oppedisano

CFT Field Representative

Frank R. Oppedisano, who replaced Mary Millet as CFT Field Representative to our local union in 2010. Frank has served as Executive Director in the Newport-Mesa Federation of Teachers (certificated employees), Local 1794, Costa Mesa, since 2006. He began working for AFT in 1999. Originally from Syracuse, he interned for AFT in Washington, DC, organized in California for AFT/CFT until 2001, served as Executive Director of Coast Federation of Educators from 2002 to 2004, and then as Executive Director with Newport-Mesa. He’s also on the Board of Trustees for the Newport-Mesa Schools Foundation.

Sam Russo

Past President

Sam has taught at Cypress College for the past twenty-five years. He has a B.A. in Philosophy from Pomona Pitzer, and an M.A. in Philosophy from USC. He was also one of the core group which helped establish Adjunct Faculty United. He has been President of our local for five terms, and served on the negatiations team . He also served for the last ten years on the Executive Council of the CFT. On the Executive Council, he has served on the Legal Defense Fund Committee. For four years, he was Chair of the CFT Part-Time Faculty Committee. He also served for two years on the AFT Higher Education Program and Policy Council as well as the Academic Staffing Crisis Committee of the PPC. Prior to his work with AdFac, he served on the negotiating team of the El Camino College Federation of Teachers and was a Vice President of the ECCFT. He has also been an official delegate to the last eleven CFT Conventions.

“Our first Contract was one of the best in the state, and we have made significant progress in terms of compensation, health benefits, rehire rights, grievance process, etc., but we still have a long way to go.”