Apply Now for One of the Districts few “fringe benefits” !

As the semester or trimester winds down, your union reminds all adjunct faculty to contact the Employment Development Department of the State of California  at 800/300-5616 as soon as you have administered your last final exam.

Tell them you have been laid off (unfortunately, you have, EVEN if your name is in the printed Fall class schedule since “your” class might not fill or a full-time faculty might take it to fill their basic load).

Tell the caseworker you want to apply for unemployment compensation. If you are not otherwise working, you should be able to draw checks every week until the semester/trimester begins. The caseworker will need the name and address of your employer/college district and may ask you, when you mention you are a teacher, if you have “reasonable assurance of continued employment.”  The answer is NO. (Full-time teachers do, but part-time faculty do NOT.) And you are not “on recess” (for K-12 teachers only).

If necessary, mention the CERVISI decision (a community college part-time teacher who was denied unemployment, appealed and won). The decision is codified in EDD Field Directive 89-55UI (in case they give you a really hard time!) Of course, if the caseworker you initially talk to is obstreperous, you can always hang up, call back and start the process all over again with someone who is more knowledgeable.

Or apply online at

We’re Looking for a few good wo/men

Help us sign up new members!

We are looking for union-friendly AdFac members who enjoy meeting and talking with adjuncts about our union so that we can increase our local’s membership.

Unions are organizations of workers who join so they will have greater influence in determining their wages, hours, and other working conditions. We believe there is strength in numbers. Unions are best able to represent workers when members are strong and unified. But unions are only as strong as their members’ involvement.

Historically, unions have fought for and won many benefits that most Americans enjoy today, such as an eight-hour work day and minimum wage. AdFac’s accomplishments include: raises, additional steps, preferred consideration, bonuses, medical premium reimbursement.

We are offering compensation to recruit new members for our union. This is a great opportunity to earn extra income. Please contact us if you’d like to get involved.


ADFAC Party 2017

ADFAC Party 2017

ADFAC Party 2017

Friday, Sept. 22, marked the date for AdFac’s annual “Back-2-School party.” About 60 part-timers and guests enjoyed a few hours of fun and camaraderie at the Fullerton Elks Lodge hosted by your union, Adjunct Faculty United. Part-timers were greeted by AdFac Executive Board members and President Kent Stevenson, who brought everyone up to date on union activities.

Among the attendees were Dr. JoAnna Schilling, Cypress College President; and Trustee Ed Lopez.  Also attending were Tina Johanssen, former President of United Faculty; and her husband, Dimitri.

 Representatives Erika and Janet from SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union offered information about the credit union and raffled off a gift certificate.

 Jason Swanson of Aava Dental gave away grocery bags with toothbrushes and toothpaste. Aava also donated an electric toothbrush (won by Miriam Henan).

   Fullerton and Cypress College adjunct Billy Arcila provided classical guitar throughout the event.

Guests enjoyed appetizers, drinks and cake and opportunities to meet and greet.

We Need YOU!

Adjunct Faculty United is seeking qualified union members
interested in serving on our board in 2 paid positions:

1. Committee on Political Education (COPE) Chair
2. Negotiations Committee Chair

Job descriptions can be found in our Constitution online at (see Article V, Sections7 & 8).

If interested, contact us at (714) 526-5759 or by email

We also have a committee position open:

3. Technology Coordinating Council

This position is paid by the District.

If interested, contact us: (714) 524-5759 or

Congratulations to our 2017-19 AdFac Executive Board

President: Kent Stevenson

VP Cypress: Tonya Cobb

VP Fullerton: Zahra Ahmed

VP NOCE: Manjit Grewall

Treasurer: Pete Christenson

Secretary: Miriam Henan


Officers are elected every other year for a two-year term. They are expected to attend all monthly Board meetings, participate in all union business and activities, and work as dedicated team members, supporting Local 6106 for the two-year term. These positions include compensation.

To be eligible, a candidate must be a member-in- good-standing* of AFT Local 6106 and teach in the NOCCCD. All members-in-good-standing are eligible to nominate candidates and to vote.

Descriptions of the duties of each Board member can be found in our Constitution online (

Notices of Nomination and Election of Officers were mailed to all members in April and voting took place in May.

We still have an opening for COPE (Committee on Political Education) Chair. If you are interested or you know someone who might be interested, please contact the AdFac office, 714-526-5759 or

*(Note: A member-in-good-standing is one whose dues have been paid through January 2017.)