On December 11, 2017, PERB filed a complaint against the district, claiming it had “failed and refused to meet and negotiate in good faith with” AdFac, largely based on the administration’s regressive bargaining – that is, when one side makes an offer, they can not “retreat” from that position, but must attempt to move closer to the other side. In this case, the administration had originally had, as one example, 2 ways to lose your “preferred consideration” assignment priority due to clerical miscues, but in a subsequent proposal upped that to 9 ways. AdFac informed the administration that these actions were regressive and then filed with PERB, who has confirmed that such actions would be illegal. Now the administration will get its day in court. In addition, the PERB complaint addressed the administration’s penchant for arriving late for pre-arranged negotiating sessions, noting “bargaining unit members arrived late on many occasions to negotiating sessions.” The worst occasion was when administration arrived 52 minutes late, as AdFac sat and waited. These actions “interfered with the rights of bargaining unit employees” and violates Government Code section 3543.5 (a) and (b) since it makes it difficult for AdFac to properly represent YOU.