Update on administration’s attempt to destroy the “preferred consideration” system for assignment of classes by seniority:
On December 8, 2017, AdFac and the district were to appear before an arbitrator to decide what Article 6 of our contract means. The union believes it means that if you are preferred consideration, you shall receive “priority” consideration (in seniority order) for your request for classes for the next semester/trimester. The administration is now claiming that this right is not subject to the grievance system of the contract. Thus, if a dean or chair did not assign classes by seniority order, the union would have no recourse. Not much of a right if its implementation is optional.
Three weeks prior to the arbitration hearing, the district informed the arbitrator that its star witness, former Vice Chancellor Jeff Horsley, now retired, would be on a cruise on December 8 and thus unavailable, even though, when this date was set up in October, the administration’s lawyers agreed to the December date. So the hearing is now set for the 9th of February. The union’s lawyer did manage to get the arbitrator to rule that the late cancellation fee would be paid completely by the district! (Usually all arbitration fees are split 50-50).
Thus, the administration continues to drag its feet on settling this issue.